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Few things in nature surpass the majesty of mountains.

Half way to being built or just abandoned? Some of the South Pennines scenery in the hills around Littleborough – a wonderful place to be on a nice summer day.

Exploring the landscape of the Peak District, I think I might be slowly becoming an expert in tree taxonomy. Strange part is that I never noticed these differences until photographing them. There’s a real beauty to the individuality of everything in nature.

Well it’s not really a miniature horse, just a regular horse that appears little…in Littleborough.

In a world of generic goods, where even most of the customised stuff is mass produced, it’s nice to see a bit of individuality every once in a while. I loved the design and detail of the ram in this carved sign outside one of the many farms in and on the edge of the […]

A view towards Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District on a beautiful summer day.

A day around the hills in the Peak District. I found the angle at which this pair of trees were growing quite interesting. It reminded of the old proverb: Trees that bend do not break. I used a longer lens to pull the rolling hills in the background closer.