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Inspiration for Photographers

This is a wonderful short film by¬†film maker Eli Sinkus of 522Productions.com with some very inspirational words from photography legend Henri Cartier-Bresson (taken from an interview that he gave to Cornell Capa in 1973). Among his points that I particularly like here are having to “milk the cow quite a lot and get plenty of milk to make a little cheese”, as well as how we have to find new ways to arrange things.

With all the new opportunities created every minute, we really have more chances to create interesting images than we can possibly imagine. Among all of these opportunities, our choice of what to capture ultimately comes down to whatever has the most personal meaning for us, or as Cartier-Bresson says here, “places where the pulse beats more.” Definitely a video that I’ll be returning to anytime I’m in need of some inspirational boost, and I hope you’ll find it just as useful too.

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